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What's in Your Zippered Plastic Bag?

What's in Your Zippered Plastic Bag?

The way we have to fly today is a far cry from years past. We all have a clear plastic bag filled with miniature versions of the things we think we'll need while away from home. Because what if there aren't any pharmacies or stores wherever we go?

Prepared Packing

What we decide to bring depends on our destination. Clearly there will be shops carrying all our daily needs wherever we travel. I just like to make sure I am prepared in case my arrival is delayed or I don’t arrive at my destination due to flight cancellations or other such issues. Since the airlines have made it mandatory to carry our toiletries in a quart size bag, I have decided that packing a larger one in my luggage is also a necessity.

Carry-on Necessities

My carry-on bag is filled with my medication, deodorant, travel size toothpaste, hair gel and the like. This is the one that gets inspected by airport security. I am one of those people who likes to have everything with me, just in case. Now that I have TSA pre-check, I'm better about not having to remove this bag and have it inspected.

You Never Know What You'll Need

When it comes to packing, my motto is: pack for the best scenario, not the worst. My theory is to take what makes me comfortable in an emergency situation. I never take my own advice, but I do think you all should!

I would love to know what your carry-on essentials are. Please feel free to post your photos of your travel baggies, or what your absolute must-haves are!

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