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Do I Really Need Travel Insurance?

Do I Really Need Travel Insurance?

Today's economy makes us all think twice about our travel plans. If you make the decision to travel and are watching every penny, then perhaps considering travel insurance or protection is a good security blanket for you. Travel protection gives you assurance for trip cancellation, trip interruption, lost baggage coverage and so on.

Employment Protections

Currently there are some new policies on the market that will cover you for job loss and trip cancellation by your employer. That means that if you plan a vacation and your employer suddenly says "oops we need you, please cancel your trip," you'd be covered providing there were no pre-existing conditions for the cancellation.

Let's say you're a lawyer and you have a trial on the calendar. If the trial date is set and you know it will take a week to reach a verdict, you're covered. If the case runs longer and runs into your travel dates, you would not be covered since you had the date on the calendar before you purchased the insurance. Future predictions are not covered, nor are "what if's." This would be one example where you would not be covered for your trip.

In Case You Get Sick

It's the same as a pre-existing illness. There are instances where you would be covered for pre-existing conditions. This would be if you purchase your insurance or protection within 14 days of your initial deposit.

Insurance for the High Seas

Sometimes when you're on a cruise, the cruise line offers you deals to sign up for another cruise, which you can take anytime in the next year or two. What they fail to tell you is that if you do not purchase insurance within the 14 days, you will not have pre-existing coverage. You can however, purchase the cruise lines insurance package (which is always much higher than shopping on your own) and you would be covered.

Coverage for the Most Extreme Circumstances

Most policies do not cover Acts of War and in these times, we need to consider every aspect of travel, even if we think it ridiculous. Some policies will cover terrorism, but each policy is different, so it's important to read up on what exactly is covered under this category, and if it's covered at all.

This is especially important if you're planning to visit a country that is being monitored for terrorist activity, such as some places in the Middle East. This also applies to countries that may have recently experienced a terrorist attack.

A Travel Agent Will Make Sure You're Covered

My company offers extensive coverage through Allianz Insurance. If you're interested in obtaining information, please contact me for full details. You can visit Travel Smart Dream Big for information on insurance, get quotes and shop for a vacation. Questions can also be answered by calling me at 770-740-9099 or email!

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