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What's The Best Time of Year to Travel?

What's The Best Time of Year to Travel?

The best time to travel varies for each individual, but there are a few key terms to know that will help you plan a budget, pack for the right weather conditions, and simply make it easier to figure out what works best for you!

PEAK SEASON: June–September

If you plan to travel during this time, expect large crowds and the highest prices. The weather is hot and the lines of tourists may make your day a bit more uncomfortable. 

One advantage of traveling during this time is that the days are longer. You will have much more time to stroll, sit in a cafe or shop since the stores have extended hours.

SHOULDER SEASON: April–May, September–October

The weather is a contributing factor for those who plan to travel during this season. It is almost always pleasant and cooler, making it more comfortable for most destinations, especially in Europe and abroad.

The days are still long enough to enjoy the sights, and attractions are usually less crowded and often have extended hours. The rates for airfare may be a bit lower during this season as well. The weather conditions affect airfare prices significantly, so that is important to consider when booking your flight. If you have the flexibility with the timing of your trip, make sure you seek out the best rates.

OFF SEASON: November–March

Traveling during off season you may encounter shorter lines, however, the weather will not be as favorable. The days are shortest this time of year and many hours are reduced to accommodate the early sunsets. Having a shorter day makes it more difficult to get everything in as planned, but adding days to the trip to prolong your stay in one city to accommodate less daylight will be more costly. 

Rates for hotels may also be more economical and there are perks for traveling during this season too. Use of fitness center facilities, extended check-out times, free internet and upgraded rooms are all perks of less crowded hotels.

Keep in mind that there are peak times during holidays which also increase the cost of your trip, since families are more prone to travel during this time. Since school schedules tend to determine the rates, when the kids are off the rates are more expensive.

A Travel Professional is Always in Season

Which season works best for you and your family is a personal choice. Each travel season has its advantages, but knowing what each season brings is a good start to your planning. And booking your trip with a travel professional can certainly help ease your mind when it comes to the nitty gritty of the planning process.

Over my decades of experience, I have successfully coordinated the trips of hundreds of clients – and I'd be thrilled to do the same for you. Call me today at 770-740-9099 or email me at to begin planning your dream getaway today!

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