Hello, my name is Barbara Diener.

And I love to travel. That's my favorite sentence.

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My husband and I began our travel adventures over thirty three years ago. It has been our good fortune to experience the world together and enjoy the art, culture, food, and people of this amazing planet.

I have been helping family and friends plan their trips for years and have turned that passion into a full-time career as a travel agent. Assisting over 1500 clients, my expertise in European travel will inspire anyone who dares to dream to make their desires a reality.

My love of travel and desire to help others experience our beautiful world is what drives my daily existence. I am a dedicated professional, love my job, and want to be sure each globetrotter I meet receives only the best advice.

Why Do I Need a Travel Professional?

Dreaming about places to visit can be a daunting task. A travel professional can assist and make suggestions. Hopefully you're talking to an experienced travel agent who has been to several of the destinations you're considering.

Be sure when you're looking at destinations that you ask good, thorough questions. Any good agent will talk to you about your wants, desires, and needs before making any suggestions. An agents' goal is to get to know you and fit you to the right vacation.

The single most important question you can ask your travel agent is:


Asking this first will determine the level of service your agent can and will provide. As a professional and expert in Europe, I am pleased to share my personal gallery of photos and make recommendations to my clients based on my experience in the location they wish to visit.

Your travel professional is your lifeline before, during and after your adventure. I have successfully coordinated the travel itineraries of hundreds of clients in my years as a travel agent, and I would love the opportunity to work with you as well. Contact me today, and let's make your dream vacation a reality! 770.740.9099